Fengal Sternthrum

Lothar Rimewalker's childhood friend


Longtime friend of Lothar, Fengal grew up in the grungier side of Gahngreth Kal H’ahnit. His family, whilst being caring and loving, was a hard nosed clan. More than a few of Fengal’s family had been a part of the armed forces defending the [[Glacial Town]] .

Tragically Fengal was killed when Gahngreth Kal H’ahnit was assulted by what appeared to be a rival town. The town was severly damaged in the attack and many of its inhabitants were killed.

Fengal fought bravely in defense of his town, however his lack of combat experience lead to him making a fatal mistake. Getting himself separated from his compatriots he found himself surrounded by Undead. He fought hard, you may even say valiantly, however he was torn to shreds and finished his life as a mid-battle snack for a handful of Zombies.

R.I.P. Fengal.

Fengal Sternthrum

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