Tip of the IyseBurgh

First Blood on the Iyse
Session One (1), Campaign 1 (one)

We meeet Lothar and his family, gearing up for Lothar’s imminent Iyse Walk; A journey all members of Gahngreth Kah H’ahnit must take in order to reach adulthood. It is a sacred rite that can impact and shape an individuals live in ways unthought of. Should a participant return from their Iyse Walk empty handed, having faced no opponent or giving in to cowerdice, the townsfolk will shun the individual and exile them from the town. Some towns have been known to brand these people as though they were criminals so that other towns will know their shame. It is not uncommon for a person to die whilst on their Iyse Walk or as a result of exile.

Lothar’s town, Gahngreth Kah H’ahnit, is one of many Glacial Towns that pepper the Iyse Bridge. These towns are set upon large, stable glaciers that are controlled using powerful Iyse Phorme magics and funneled through strong Relics. This gives the towns a decent pace (some of the more powerful towns can move at a horse gallop, although most travel at jogging pace or slower) and steering. This gives the nomadic tribes of the Iyse Bridge a more stable home while still travelling where the best hunting is to be found. There are, at present, only five towns of any comparable size, one of which is Gahngreth Kah H’ahnit. There are more than a few smaller towns and countless hamlets that roam at a much slower rate. There are roaming bands of true nomads, called Wyldmen, that have no such permanent housing. They rely on their wits, the grace of the cruel Iyse Gods, and constant raiding of weaker towns and hamlets. There is, thankfully, no known central order to these Wyldmen and no real indication of their true numbers.

Lothar sets out on his Iyse Walk outfitted only with a spear, simple robes (just enough to stave off frostbite), a stash of kindling and flint (for ceremonial purposes), a small amount of trail rations (for dire starvation. It is considered a parcel to be sacrificed to the Gods rather than eaten), and a knife. The journey will take Lothar far onto the Iyse in search of a worthy hunt. On finding this worthy prey, Lothar is to perform a ritual using the kindling and rations. During this time he will consume a largeish sized stone, about three centemetres in diametre, which has been blessed and enchanted by the sages back in town. This stone is said to have contained a portion of the courage and strength that flows through the town and will lend it’s power to the user.

Lothar’s journey fast enters the mind-numbing slog as he walks for days with no sign of prey. He preys each night and day and trusts to his Gods to help him find a worthy adversary and to get him back home safely. After almost a week Lothar spots the tracks of what appears to be a large polar bear. A worthy adversary indeed!! The last person in his town to return from the Iyse Walk with a polar bear pelt died thirty years ago. Lothar thanks the Gods and gives chase.

A day of tracking and Lothar comes soon realises that the tracks he has been following have changed subtly. They appear different, as though the polar bear had somehow changed their weight or stride in some fashion. The hunt continues.

After two more days of tracking Lothar knows that he is within a days brisk march of the bear. The tracks have been changing every day or so, never a glaring difference but ever so slightly. Lothar spends the night prepairing the ritual he must undergo and on sunrise sacrifices his trail rations and consumes the stone. A great pain begins to well in his belly as fire runs through his veins. The world spins and the light seems to flare painfully. After minutes of agony Lothar stands, trembling and sweating, feeling the power pulse through his veins. Envigorated Lothar give chase to his enigmatic prey.

The day is old and prepairing to end when Lothar spies his adversary. The polar bear, walking steadily on all fours, is a VERY large female, very healthy and obviously very strong. Lothar slows his pace and begins to close the distance between himself and the bear.

In The Beginning
Session zero, campaign one

Myst parts, reality coalesces, thought congeals.

A tiny thought, draped in minute flesh-weave, walks with titans. Great beasts of mind rending implausability roar and tussle for bragging rights. Some clash in epic displays of violence while others lurk in shadows, voyeristically absorbing the tableau before them.

Our diminuative protagonist finds within itself a wellspring of power and ability. It’s adaptation to the surrounds, indeed it’s very survival, is limited only by it’s imagination and conviction behind itself. Piqued by curiosity, our fledgling Thought-To-Be stretches itself and launches into the air, born on wings made of itself, held aloft on thought.

The tapestry laid before us is like a nasty cheese-dream. Forests of purple tendrils, mountains that are simultaneously gargantuan and piddling, huge monsters of dispicable description roaming about. Our tiny friend sets down in the purple forest and takes it all in.

A wandering beast of fell kin discovers our Thoughtling and seeks to fill his gut with it’s immense ability and power. A shifting battle ensues, where our protagonist grows to substantial size, sprouts wicked spines (including on the penis….that was detailed SPECIFCALLY) and is succesful in warding off it’s would-be devourer. When victory shines yet new, attention is drawn to the surrounds. The trees in the near distance are paling, bleaching of colour and fading into the semi-present; becoming background, devoid of identifying character.

Our still-stories tall protagonist shrinks down and searches cautiously for the source of the [[Un-becoming Stain]]. A creature, crowned with multiferous heads, races forward through the purple forest. As he travels his elongated necks whip out, tentacle-like, and the related jaws latch on to anything that happens by. A great squelching and gulping heralds the ColourDeath. Each head is unique; some serpentine; others vague, shadowy forms with hints of definition; others still composed completely of flickering energy, their luminescent endevoures passing visciously through the surrounding matter, sparks spraying in an explosion of RealityTheft. No two heads look alike. And this creature, this nightmare, deviates from his haphazard sojourn and makes a clear line RIGHT FOR OUR THOUGHT-FRIEND!!

Naturally our clear thinking friend takes flight and beats a hasty retreat (wouldn’t you??).

Resting upon a perch of stone in/on a nearby quasi-mountain, it observes the GrayscaleWound as it journeys ever closer. Could it still be searching for out tiny friend?? Intentions still obfsucated, it watches on. Deep in reverie, it is startled by great tremours and ear shattering sounds of violence.

Poised astride/behind/inside the distant ladscape are three monolithical effigies; one the body of a man yet a face made of stone; another with a face constantly rouletting through combinations of birds/beasts/fish; the third’s face a mass of writhing, dark hued tenticles. The three stand, oblivious to the sudden stillness everywhere as all eyes fixate upon them. They observe each other, recognising kindred and kin, then the one with the mineral visage reaches out to strike the beastface standing next to him. He in turn lunges to throttle the throat below the tenticle-mass, and he moves to force his thumbs into the eyesockets of the rock-faced one. bq.They begin to tear each other apart.

Seas of ichor with continents of flesh rain down onto the now paniked beasts assembled directly below. The land begins to bleed and tear in places that should not exist. Tremours give rise to earthquakes that become huge rifts in the quiet medows, lakes and rivers ripple with after effects and break their banks, beasts beat down others frozen in awe at the spectacle in an attempt to excape the reality-fuck that plays out before all.

Our protagonist watches on as literal rips dance across the skyline, leaking a fluid of deep unlight onto mountaintops that are foaming and effevescing into bubbles of dirt that float away, bursting occasionally and showering those below with tonnes of rubble and detritus. It is a hallowing sight.

It launches once again into the air and emplores the Titans to halt their galdiatorial display. It screams and decries itself hoarse, to no avail.


There is an impact.

The tenticle masked one imperceptably inclines it head. Has it heard the shouts of dispair? Does it realise the damage wraught from their fisticuffs?? Is there yet hope???

Our protagonist takes heed of this recognition and digs deep within, calling forth a great flow of life to effect a change. Two full, red lips emerge on it’s chest, a corpulently erotic display. The lips part, yellowed teeth exposed as a sinuey tongue extends, and a vile retching echoes out across the violated valleys below.

It begins with a gurgle, from deep within, and is punctuated by a violent stab of bile and gore spewing forth out of the glistening lips. Our thought-friend gives all of himself, every ounce of matter that comprises itself and all the potential rich energies within. It gives it all abd sends it out to the tenticle mantled one. The liquid-life pours into the titan, vitalising his yet uncut flesh and mending the kilomteres long rends gifted by his brethren.

And still out friend gives of himself.

The tenticle one deflects his brothers, calming them with gestures, supressing their rage with grappling whipls from his lithe face. The battle quickly reaches stalemate and time stands still. A moment passes inside of a decade….when a visible shudder runs though the wrestling brothers and they release each other. Peace settles over the land like the echoes of gunfire.

A glance at themsellves; at their kin; at the devestation before them; and the stone faced one begins to crumble, sifting back down into the dirt at his feet.

The beast/bird/fish faced one scatters into the dark corners of reality, marked only by the sound of scurrying feet, flapping wings and flicking tails.

The tenticle faced one turns to out protagonist, still giving of itself although now it runs like a trickle towards the solitary giant. The forrest of tenticles sways as the titan bows his head in thanks. He reaches out a welcoming hand and gestures….

Our protagonist follows the rivulet of life that still extends out to the monolith. It’s limpint flight a pitiful reflection of it’s former soaring delight. As it draws near the flow of life-juice runs dry; the thoughtling fades, losing it’s definition as it melds into the palm stretched out like a mile wide obelisk. The thoughtling passes through Reality, shucking it like wet clothes, and into another realm beyond and inside and beside the place it had been.

It Begins…


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