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Excerpt from the History of Kil Kahmet Til Ranessan

When Time was a fledgling fighting its was to barest infancy, there existed a sprawling mass of land and space and reality, all coexisting in some semblance of chaotic order. A grouping of people and places so varied, so amalgamated that it would be forgiven to believe that it all resulted from random chance. Indeed a close inspection of thousands of surrounding landmasses would glean no semblance of connectivity or theme. Yet chance had nothing to do with this orbiting mess of life and unlife.

Amid all the chaos there resided an ancient conciousness. A Thought so old that there are no tales, obscure myths or minutely hinted at references to it. Indeed this Thought, this Idea may prove too immense for even the most stout minded individual to consider coherently enough to retell its existence elsewhere.

This Thought aknowledges nothing and no one. All of it’s energies, indeed all of it’s being is focused on the production and processing of possibilities. The ‘chaotic’ satellites orbiting about the Thought are actually calculated combinations of possibilities amalgamated to generate actualities. There is nothing random or chance-like about this place.

For every non-existant spec of time in that hub of creation the Thought calculates and collates and generates to create a reality. Then it changes one infinitessimal detail and starts again with it’s collating. On and on it goes, considering and creating, changing and generating. This has been going on for ever and never.

Each pocket of reality, of actuality, exists in its own time, in its own space and at its own pace. Some are stillborn, others yet to crown, and others coming to their final breaths. ALL are realisations of this one Thought.

Here was the birthing place of the Gods of Kil Kahmet Til R’ahnessan in their first manifestation.

World Generator

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